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Completed 3MAP Lab Projects...


Prototype Development

& Pilot Study

Study Brochure

UL1TR000075, NIH CTSA (GW- Children’s National) - Innovative Strategies and Services Voucher Award

DiPietro, Loretta (PI)

Ismail, Catheeja (Co-PI)

Harris-Love, Michael (Co-PI)


Sarcopenia Screening: Development of a Feedback-Augmented, Portable, Ultrasound Prototype


This project involves the design and fabrication of a 2nd generation prototype ultrasound stabilization arm augmented with computer-assisted feedback. Our team seeks to better control the orientation of the ultrasound transducer to control the operator-dependent factors that may influence image quality and tissue dimensions in clinical settings.  This work will extend to multiple projects at GW and the DC VAMC.



Dr. Blackman, Dr. Garra, Dr. Hernandez, Dr. Lunsford, and Ms. Zabal


Study information:

VISN 5 Pilot Research Grant (VISN 5; VA Station: 688), VHA/VA Capitol Health Care Network

Harris-Love, Michael (PI)


Creating a Model of Proactive Geriatric Care within VISN 5:

Screening for Age-Related Skeletal Muscle Dysfunction at the Washington DC VA Medical Center


Determine if a rapid, mobile, cost-effective, screening method for assessing muscle mass and quality is appropriate for Veterans with comorbid conditions, and be portable to VA community-based outpatient clinics.



Dr. Blackman, Dr. Taub, Dr. Hesdorffer, Dr. Garra, Dr. Hernandez, and Ms. Adams


Study information:


Negative Work Training and Knee Osteoarthritis

38 U.S.C. 7406, VA/ORD/RR&D-OAA

Harris-Love, Michael (PI and Research Mentor)


Development of a Negative Work Exercise Regimen as an Intervention for Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis of the Knee


The purpose of this randomized controlled clinical trial is to develop a safe and effective paradigm of negative work training appropriate for the rehabilitation of knee PTOA.


Interprofessional Polytrauma and Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Research Fellowship - Lead Investigator: Dr. Haniel Hernandez


Study information:


The ULTRA Study

Cross-Comparison of Muscle Composition Measures in Multiple Ultrasound Systems

(38 U.S.C. 7406; IK2RX001854-01)

Harris-Love, Michael (PI)

Gonzales,Tomas (Co-I)

Hernandez, Haniel (Co-I)


Few techniques have been proposed to reliably compare quantitative morphometry and morphology measures across ultrasound systems. Development of new cross-comparison methods could expand quantitative musculoskeletal ultrasound applications and improve neuromuscular symptoms diagnosis.The purpose of this study is to develop computational methods for cross-comparison of proxy muscle composition measurements in three laboratory ultrasound systems. This cross-sectional study will be conducted using the ultrasound images of selected muscles in Veteran participants. These data will be used to develop conversion models for each system.


Study information:


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