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#UniqueScientists features the stories of URM scientists all over the globe!

March 02, 2020

Unique Scientists, a group started by Efraín E. Rivera-Serrano, is dedicated to embracing diversity in STEM and highlighting the journey of under-represented scientists all over the globe. Unique Scientists connected with me to discuss sources of scientific inspiration, things that should change about how we conduct our work, and leisure activities outside of the lab. The brief interview, replete with links and pics, may be found here...

3MAP Lab joins 13,000 friends & collegues at the APTA's Combined Sections Meeting in Denver!

February 12, 2020

The APTA the Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) serves as the largest professional event for physical therapists each year. Denver will serve as the host of the 2020 edition of CSM, so 3MAP Lab and our university colleagues will be well represented at the event. We are presenting with the APTA Research Section this year. The title of our project is, "The Influence of Subcutaneous Fat and Ultrasound Attenuation on the Muscle Strength/Echogenicity Relationship." The experience was notable for the high level of student involvement that we had on the project, and our continued working relationship with our lab group collaborator, Qi Wei, who is an Associate Professor at the George Mason University Volgenau School of Engineering. A summary of our project may be found here

A new chapter begins at the CU School of Medicine Physical Therapy Program

August 01, 2019

Michael Harris-Love, PT, MPT, DSc, FGSA, a clinician-investigator with more than 20 years of experience serving federal medical centers and academic programs, was appointed director of the University of Colorado School of Medicine’s Physical Therapy Program, effective Aug. 1, 2019.

In addition to his duties as a professor within the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dr. Harris-Love will continue his role as a Veterans Affairs (VA) investigator through his affiliation with the Eastern Colorado Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center. 

A committed advocate of rehabilitation science training, Dr. Harris-Love helped to establish both the postdoctoral training program and the Skeletal Muscle Laboratory at his VA medical center. Before his faculty appointment at George Washington University, Harris-Love spent time at universities in Virginia, Maryland and Indiana. He succeeds Margaret Schenkman, PhD, PT, FAPTA, who led the CU Physical Therapy Program for 15 years.

Research recognition from the APTA

June 13, 2019

Dr. Michael Harris-Love, Clinical Investigator and Associate Director of the Human Performance Research Unit of the Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center has earned the 2019 Eugene Michels New Investigator Award by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).  Dr. Harris-Love was recognized at the Honors and Awards Ceremony during the 2019 APTA National Conference and Exposition in Chicago, Illinois on June 13.

The Eugene Michels New Investigator Award recognizes outstanding rehabilitation research contributions by physical therapists within 10 years of their post-doctoral training period. Dr. Harris-Love’s research has a heavy focus on rehabilitation science and sarcopenia, the loss of muscle tissue as a part of the aging process.

VA Research Currents catches up with 3MAP Lab

April 18, 2018

The staff from VA Research Currents: Research News from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs recently visited the DC VAMC Clinical Research Center. The visit provided an opportunity to briefly discuss the ongoing work in the lab and some of the potential implications for preventative medicine and Veteran health.  The interview briefly covers our recently completed "negative work" exercise protocol for Veterans with knee arthritis. In addition, we discussed the benefits - and the limits - of using portable imaging techniques to assess muscle quality in older adults.  Check out the Spring Edition of VA Research Currents for more details...


Getting to Krakow (by way of Brazil)

April 27, 2018

Our lab group was excited to have the chance to participate in the 2018 World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases meeting. However, catching a flight to Krakow, Poland was not in the cards. Fortunately for us, the presentations in question involve our ongoing collaboration with Dr. Anna Gomes and her colleagues at the Federal University of Parana in Brazil. Dr. Gomes did happen to make the trip to Poland. So, our work was shared with the meeting attendees and will later be published in the Osteoporosis International journal. More to follow soon regarding our findings concerning patterns of muscle quality in younger and older women...

A marriage of art & science

March 01, 2018

What started as a straightforward student-led publication ended up being so much more...  The editors of the Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology contacted our group to see if we were open to contributing to the journal's cover art.  Our lab group has its share of serious amateur photographers, so our manuscript figure art was suitable as raw materials for the graphic design.  Thanks to the journal's art staff, the photographic talents of affiliate lab member, Dr. Bryant Seamon, and the service of lab member, Ms. Valerie McIntosh, the cover art came together quickly.  So, Dr. Seamon transitions from his post-doc appointment as a project leader, published VA author, and a cover art contributor - not bad!

A brief return to Rochester

September 22, 2017

I had the pleasure of returning to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN this fall. My time at the Mayo Clinic was spent first as a student, and later as a clinician. However, I found myself returning to the area many years later as a recipient of the Dale Shaffer Outstanding Alumnus Award by the Mayo Clinic Physical Therapy Alumni Association. Being back in Rochester during the year of Professor Jim Youdas' retirement and sharing the award with Dr. Michelle Harris-Love made for a very special event.


There are many words of thanks to spread around: LaRae Scroggins and Adam Carlson of the MCPTAA; John Hollman, Mayo PT School Director and nominating member of the MCPTAA; Byrant Seamon, Haniel Hernandez, and Rachel Harrington, former trainees that got the ball rolling regarding the nominations. Your efforts to make this happen are greatly appreciated...

3MAP Lab joins the international community for aging research in San Francisco!

July 27, 2017

Logging over 6,000 professionals in attendance, The 21st IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics was the largest gathering of gerontology and geriatrics professional on record. The theme for 2017, “Global Aging and Health: Bridging Science, Policy, and Practice”, drew professionals from a wide range of disciplines such as rehabilitation, medicine, nursing, social science, and health care policy. Despite the varied attendees, all were united by the desire to improve the health and quality of life of older adults everywhere. 

Dr. Harris-Love represented 3MAP Lab at the 2017 IAGG meeting and presented updated research findings concerning the assessment and treatment of knee osteoarthritis (OA).  This work included innovative approaches to understanding gait asymmetries and stepping kinetics led by lab member, Tomas Gonzales. Additionally, early work concerning the relationship between knee OA severity and muscle morphology was presented thanks to the efforts of lab member, Haniel Hernandez.

The IAGG meeting only occurs every 4 years, but the gathering in San Francisco was well worth the wait!

Dr. Harris-Love discusses mentorship and research training during a visit at Meharry Medical College

June 28, 2017

The VA Office of Academic Affiliations (OAA) sponsored the VA's inaugural Diversity Summit on June 28-29, 2017 at the Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN. Building on the summit's theme of  "Building the Workforce Pipeline of Tomorrow", the meeting was held in conjunction with the  Empower2 Conference for historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) with health professions education programs.


Dr. Harris Love joined Dr. Marc Blackman (R&D ACOS, DC VAMC), Dr. Tamaro Hudson (Howard U./DC VAMC), and Dr. Monica Lypson (Director, Medical and Dental Education, VA/OAA) for the summit session concerning research opportunities for HBCU partner institutions. Dr. Harris-Love presented information regarding mentorship at different academic stages, the pathways to becoming an investigator within VA health care system, the VA-HBCU Research Scientist Training Program, and his ongoing research partnership with Howard University Hospital.

Meet the latest addition to 3MAP Lab...Dr. Jared Gollie

April 24, 2017

The newest member of 3MAP Lab is Dr. Jared Gollie. Dr. Gollie, a native of Allentown, PA, is a recent PhD graduate of the Department of Rehabilitation Science at George Mason University.  He brings a broad range of experience that spans exercise training to enhance athletic performance, and therapeutic exercise for people with spinal cord injuries. His graduate school research involved studying the effects of exercise on blood flow regulation and peripheral oxygenation, and examining changes in fatigability secondary to a resistance training regimen. His interest in resistance training for patient populations will continue as a post-doctoral fellow at 3MAP Lab. He will work with investigators at the DC VAMC and SFVAMC to examine the efficacy of eccentric exercise for Veterans with secondary sarcopenia due to kidney disease.

3MAP Lab contributes to journal series on eccentric exercise

February 10, 2017

3MAP Lab responded to the recent call for contributors to a journal topic series on eccentric exercise. The aim of this special collection is to better clarify the main functional, morphological, and molecular responses of human skeletal muscle to different intensities of eccentric exercise in comparison to conventional loading paradigms. In addition, the topic series editors sought contributions concerning how eccentric muscle actions and exercise programming may be used in clinical settings. Our lab members are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and friends such as Martino Franchi, Kyle Mitchell, Marco Narici and Hans Hoppeler on this timely journal topic series.

An exchange of ideas at NIA about the sarcopenia diagnostic process

November 18, 2016

While sarcopenia now has a stand-alone ICD code, there is still a healthy debate about the role of muscle quality in the diagnostic process.  Dr. Harris-Love recently discussed the potential role of muscle quality for sarcopenia staging with staff members of the Laboratory of Epidemiology and Population Science within the Interdisciplinary Studies on Aging Section at the National Institute on Aging. It was noted that the work of Dr. Tamara Harris (Chief, Interdisciplinary Studies of Aging Section) over a decade ago supported the idea that diminished muscle quality may supersede low muscle mass as a contributor to poor muscle performance. Perhaps alternate approaches to muscle imaging and functional assessment will facilitate the wider adoption of clinical muscle quality assessments in older adults? Time will tell as research within this field of study continues... 

The VA Innovators convene in DC to help turn ideas into action

August 15, 2016

VA staff from across the nation met in Washington DC on August 15 for the Innovation Demonstration Day event.  Team members presented their ideas and project updates during a live web-based simulcast.  Attendees at the event included VA/VACI staff and other senior VA officials including Under Secretary of Health for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, David Shulkin MD.  The event provided the participants with the chance to receive feedback on their project, and learn from the efforts of other project teams. Follow the link to learn more about the DC VAMC and the SF VAMC collaboration: The QUALITy-VETS Project.

Teams from the DC VAMC & SF VAMC join forces for the VA Center for Innovation in DC this August!

August 04, 2016

The VA Center for Innovation has invited selected Innovators Network groups to present their projects at a "Demo Day" event in Washington DC on August 15.  The team members from the DC VAMC and the SF VAMC will join forces to present the The QUALITy-VETS Project.  Project Directors, Dr. Michael Harris-Love (DC VAMC) and Dr. Cynthia Delgado (SF VAMC), will review the value of screening for musculoskeletal health and fall risk in Veterans with chronic kidney disease.  Additionally, the team will discuss with VA leaders and stakeholders how low cost, innovative approaches to point-of-care imaging may lead to better health outcomes and decrease downstream medical costs.

Click on the image above to access the The QUALITy-VETS Project Video

Can added feedback aid ultrasound reliability? 3MAP Lab decided to find out...

June 22, 2016

Our friends at M.I.T. had previously used force control ultrasound scanning to show that sonographers use varied levels of force during abdominal exams. Given that force feedback had shown differences among practitioners in clinical settings, we joined forces with the bioengineers at Children's National Hospital to see if the use of force feedback could aid reliability through a range of known forces. As it turns out, our ultrasound examiners - through the novice to the very experienced - obtained consistent measures when using both small and large applied forces.  While this technique is not ready for wide usage yet, the early results indicate that we are moving in the right direction...

Dr. Hernandez completes his Post-Doc Fellowship!

May 24, 2016

Dr. Haniel Hernandez recently completed his rehabilitation research post-doctoral fellowship at the 3MAP Lab.  Serving the DC VAMC through the Clinician-Investigator track of the P/TBI Fellowship Program, Dr. Hernandez has treated Veterans with polytrauma injuries and contributed to the "telerehab" initiative within the PM&R Service. In addition, he has played a leading role in conducting a clinical research study on the efficacy of eccentric strengthening exercise for those with knee osteoarthritis.  Dr. Hernandez will continue with the 3MAP Lab team this year as a Research Associate in support of our Innovators Network project and publish his findings concerning eccentric training.

3MAP Lab contributes to international symposium on muscle quality

April 28, 2016

Dr. Harris-Love participated in the symposium on muscle quality at ICFSR 2016 in Philadelphia which was organized by Dr. Rosaly Correa-de-Araujo (NIA) and Chaired by Dr. Anne Newman. Co-presenters included Dr. Todd Mannini, Dr. Iva Miljkovic, Dr. Maren Fragala, and Dr. Brian Anthony.  An abstract of the proceedings will be featured in the Journal of Frailty & Aging (J Frailty Aging 2016;5(S1):15-128). Beyond the goal of conducting the symposium, the conference provided the opportunity to connect with Martino Franchi, Jonathan Quinlan, and their lab supervisor, Marco Narici of the University of Nottingham. Hopefully, fruitful collaborative international work will develop from our engaging discussions in Philadelphia.

Honoring an old friend and mentor at 7,000 ft elevation

April 21, 2016

Dr. Kiisa Nishikawa recently made me an offer that I could not refuse - a chance to honor my first lab supervisor, Dr. Stan L. Lindstedt, who is retiring from full-time faculty service. So, I gladly flew to the Southwest and made the drive from the Phoenix valley to the 7,000 ft elevation of Flagstaff near the San Francisco Peaks. It was fitting that the celebration came in the form of a symposium, "Insights From Comparative Physiology", sponsored by the Center for Bioengineering Innovation at NAU. It was an honor to present some of our lab's work at the session, and a privilege to study physiology and functional morphology under Stan's guidance so many years ago. The symposium contributions by Drs. Doug Stuart, Alice Gibb, Kevin Conley, Hans Hoppeler, Jim O'Reilly, and Paul LaStayo serve as a testament to Stan's lasting influence.

3MAP Lab partners with the SF VAMC for a VA Innovators Network Award!

March 11, 2016

The joint DC VAMC-SF VAMC initiative is The QUALITy-VETS Project (Quantitative Ultrasound Assessment of Lean and Intramuscular Adipose Tissue in Veterans), which is centered on prospectively identifying the progressive muscle wasting and declining physical function associated with chronic kidney disease.  The Project Directors are Dr. Cynthia Delgado at the San Francisco site, and Dr. Michael Harris-Love at the Washington DC site.  VA Innovators Network project teams from around the country will gather for a planning and training meeting at the VA Central Office in April.

Assessing muscle quality in older adults

February 22, 2016

Investigators in our lab proved to be reliable in evaluating muscle quality in older adults using ultrasound echogenicity measurements. Both Photoshop and ImageJ are suitable for post-acquisition image analysis when using standardized selection methods.

New Staff Arrive!

November 16, 2015

We are actively ramping up for the new study. 3MAP Lab welcomes new staff members: Valerie McIntosh, Donte Pennington, Tomas Gonzales, and Brian Hoover! 

3MAP Lab in the Frontiers Blog This Month

November 02, 2015

Our group's recent work, "Diagnostic ultrasound estimates of muscle mass and muscle quality discriminate between women with and without sarcopenia", was featured on the Frontiers Blog this month.  The paper is listed among the most viewed manuscripts for Frontiers in Physiology during the month of October.

Sarcopenia and Health Policy Talk in PA

August 14, 2015

Dr. Harris-Love served as an invited speaker at the Plenary Session of the Health Policy & Practice Management Faculty Institute for the Department of Physical Therapy at Arcadia University.  The talk, "Sarcopenia: Defining a Practice & Policy Dilemma", focused on the dual challenge of screening and cost containment, policy challenges that result from healthcare innovations, and the role of physical therapists in preventative care and case management.

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