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FALL 2013

Dr. Ismail (PI) and Dr. Harris-Love (Co-PI) were awarded the CTSI-CN ISS, Innovation Award for the development of an ultrasound stabilization arm prototype.


Dr. Harris-Love was awarded the VISN 5 Pilot Research Grant to determine the feasibility and utility of muscle mass and quality screening of older Veterans at the DC VAMC.




Dr. Hernandez presented an abstract concerning polytrauma/TBI care and telehealth at the 2014 National Capital Area TBI Research Symposium at the Natcher Conference Center of NIH in Bethesda, MD.


Dr. Ismail presented 3MAP Lab findings on the reliability of grayscale assessment methods at the International Conference on Frailty & Sarcopenia in Barcelona, Spain.


Dr. Hernandez and Dr. Harris-Love served as co-authors on a clinical perspective article, "Ahead of the curve: preparing for the clinical diagnosis of sarcopenia" for the American Physical Therapy Association - Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy.


Dr. Harris-Love and Dr. Ismail presented data on: 1) the sonographic assessment of lean body mass, and 2) a methodology for muscle quality assessment via imaging at the 19th Annual Research Day Symposium, George Washington University, Washington, DC.


Dr. Harris-Love and his team were invited to the American Physical Therapy Association - Innovation 2.0 Workshop.  Presenters invited to this 2nd round of grant proposal presentations will be considered for funding during the final round of reviews.


Ms. Valerie McIntosh transitions from Undergraduate Intern to Postbaccalaureate Intern after earning her degree in Exercise Science.  Congratulations, Valerie!


The 3MAP Lab group discussed their latest work involving eccentric exercise and rehabilitative ultrasound with Veterans and investigators at the 2014 National VA Research Week symposium at the DC VAMC.



















The 3MAP Lab group begins to address the need for formal screening of age-related

muscle dysfunction within the VHA healthcare system in the paper, "Disparities in the

consequences of sarcopenia: implications for African American veterans."






Dr. Harris-Love, Dr. Ismail, and colleagues published a paper on rehabilitative ultrasound

in the management of muscular dystrophy and sarcopenia in Frontiers in Physiology.










FALL 2014

The 3MAP Lab welcomes Ms. Paula Woletz as a clinical investigator and Dr. Azadeh Leland as a research assistant.  Welcome to the group!



Ms. Carla Teixeira, joins the 3MAP Lab as a Prebaccalaureate Intern this semester, and Dr. Bryant Seamon begins his 2-year post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. Michael Harris-Love within the DC VAMC Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Service.

The 3MAP Lab will partner with Howard University and the GHUCCTS Consortium to conduct

a 5-year study concerning sarcopenia and myosteatosis screening and treatment in African 

Americans. The study will be supported by a VA-HBCU Research Scientist Training Program

grant awarded to Dr. Michael Harris-Love and will utilize the Clinical Research Units at Howard

University, Georgetown University Medical Center, and the DC VAMC.  Key collaborators in

this clincial study will include Dr. Marc Blackman (DC VAMC) and Dr. Vernon Bond (HU).



Dr. Michael Harris-Love is named a Review Editor for Frontiers in Medicine - Rheumatology

(Nature Publishing Group).

The 3MAP Lab's initial work concerning sarcopenia in African American Veterans has been

featured as a Research Brief on the Institute for Veterans and Military Families website

(sponsored by Syracuse University).

Dr. Bryant Seamon presented data on ultrasound grayscale analysis methods at the GW Research Days conference at the GW Cloyd Heck Marvin Center in Washington, DC.

Dr. Michael Harris-Love presented data from the VISN 5 sarcopenia screening

pilot study at the 2015 International Conference on Frailty & Sarcopenia Research

in Boston.

The P/TBI Rehabilitation Research Fellows were well-represented at the

recent Polytrauma and TBI System of Care conference held at the

University of Maryland College Park campus.


The DC VAMC celebrates the grand opening of the Clinical Research Center (CRC).  The new facility houses both the Clinical Research Unit (CRU) and the Human Performance Research Unit (HPRU), along with additional wet laboratories, conference rooms, and staff offices.  3MAP Lab has moved into new laboratory space within the HPRU and will conduct its ongoing exercise-based studies from the CRC.  Dr. Peter Kokkinos has been named the Director of the HPRU, and Dr. Michael Harris-Love will serve as the Associate Director.




The 3MAP Lab group members Drs. Haniel Hernandez, Catheeja Ismail, and Bryant Seamon presented their work at the 2015 National VA Research Week symposium at the DC VAMC.

Dr. Haniel Hernandez explains his preliminary data to a conference attendee at the National APTA 'NEXT' Annual Conference and Exposition.  His early findings suggested that eccentric strength training could be safely employed as an intervention for knee arthritis with the use of appropriate exercise programming.  He also identified various potential outcome measures to be used in clinical trials involving eccentric exercise in people with knee arthritis.

Dr. Bryant Seamon has successfully transitioned from an APTA Clinical Neurology Resident to an American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS) Certified Specialist.  The entire lab congratulates Bryant for earning his Specialist Certification in Neurology!

Dr. Haniel Hernandez published pilot work with Ms. Valerie McIntosh and Dr. Michael Harris-Love concerning the use of clinical eccentric strength training for the management of knee osteoarthritis within a VA medical center.  The implementaton of the exercise intervention and the selected outcomes measures have served to inform the ongoing DC VAMC clinical trial.

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