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The Age-Related Skeletal Muscle Dysfunction Study III (The ARMS Study III)


A 5-year collaborative study at the RMR VAMC and the University of Colorado involving the screening of declines in muscle size and quality in African Americans. This study is being conducted with collaborators at the DC VAMC and Howard University.

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IK2RX001854-01, VA/ORD/RR&D (RMR VAMC and the University of Colorado)


Harris-Love, Michael (PI)


Detection and Treatment of Sarcopenia and Myosteatosis in Older African Americans (ARMS-III)


The objectives of this study are to: 1) validate a rapid, portable, cost-effective method for characterizing muscle size and quality using diagnostic ultrasound in younger and older adults, and 2) investigate the association between tissue stiffness with of myosteatosis and sarcopenia in African Americans.



Dr. Blackman, Dr. Vernon Bond, Dr. Kohrt, Dr. Bodkin, Ms. Boncella, Ms. McIntosh, Mr. Hoover, and Mr. Gonzales


Study information:

Dr. Harris-Love


The QUALITy-VETS Project

VA Spark-Seed-Spread Innovation Program:


Quantitative Ultrasound Assessment of Lean and Intramuscular Adipose Tissue in Veterans Project (The QUALITy-VETS Project; AM-251 12-11-2015 and UL1TR000101)


Harris-Love, Michael (Co-PI, RMR VAMC Site)

Delgado, Cynthia (Co-PI, SF VAMC Site)


Veterans have chronic kidney disease (CKD) prevalence estimates 35% higher than that of the general population. Importantly, CKD is associated with progressive muscle wasting and declining physical function.


The QUALITy-VETS Project is a joint patient care improvement initiative with the SF VAMC, informed by the human-centered design process, which promotes sarcopenia screening among Veterans with CKD. Key study objectives include identifying Veterans with CKD at risk for incident mobility limitations, and determining a pragmatic strategy to integrate sarcopenia screening into the baseline assessment.


Study information: 


3MAP Lab - Appointments: recruitment of next cohort pending

QUALITy Vets Video
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